Transformation as a Rite of Passage

The deeper transformational moments in our lives often arrive with a fair amount of challenge and emotionally turbulent circumstances. Even if the changes we are embarking on are positive, all that we must shed and shift about our current life leads us through a grief process. We must face ourselves and make choices that inevitably leave behind who we were to make space for our next evolution of se... Read more

Published: 06/24/19

Choice is Your Superpower

Superpowers can be glorified as an otherworldly gift that only a select few can possess. We imagine them through fantasy movies and comic books, given to a hero that is here to save the world from evil. But what if superpowers weren’t so mystical? What if your greatest superpower is one we all have? What if Choice was the most important superpower in existence?
Everyday we are faced with cho... Read more

Published: 06/09/19

Shifting Into Spring

Have you ever noticed how the seasons impact your state of being? Each season has a flavor of energy that influences how we move through the world. The Summer is full of fire and connection, with long days of sunshine and fun. The Fall begins to cool us down and shift our focus into celebration with holidays and harvest. The winter arrives bringing us a time of quiet comforts.... Read more

Published: 04/06/19