Services Offered

Sage and Sunshine Therapy offers a variety of services to help individuals at any stage of their lives. We offer therapy to individuals seeking the tools needed to improve their mental health, to improve their connection, support to those who desire a career reboot, and support to those seeking constructive changes in their life. We offer hope to individuals who are experiencing stress, sadness, or heartbreak. We empower people to overcome the problems they are facing in their lives, careers, or relationships.

individual therapy at Sage and Sunshine TherapyIndividual Therapy

Providing assistance with depression, anxiety, trauma, and other challenges that life presents.

career counciling at Sage and Sunshine TherapyCareer Counseling

Helping individuals choose, change, or leave a career by providing the tools to improve and provide meaning in one’s work. You spend ⅓ of your life at work, why not enjoy it?

professional coaching at Sage and Sunshine TherapyProfessional Coaching

Coaching helps you find your unique path to personal and professional success with action-oriented emphasis on accountability, resourcefulness and wellness.