Shifting Into Spring

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Have you ever noticed how the seasons impact your state of being? Each season has a flavor of energy that influences how we move through the world. The Summer is full of fire and connection, with long days of sunshine and fun. The Fall begins to cool us down and shift our focus into celebration with holidays and harvest. The winter arrives bringing us a time of quiet comforts. It’s cold, the nights are long, and nature shows her naked truth. 

Many of us experience a deeper depression in the winter months, noticing where we feel isolated and battling with the low energy of the season. In a fast paced world, low energy can feel like a burden. The quiet asks us to turn inward and explore what’s happening inside of us. Winter is less about connection and more about reflection. Without tools to support ourselves through this time, we can feel lonely and heavy.

Spring arrives just in time, washing away the winter blues and welcoming us back into the warmth of the sun. Seeds are sprouting and we too can emerge from our shedding winter skins. Our ideas and creativity awaken, bringing more energy to our days and inviting us to seek out more connection. There is an air of beginnings that offer those of us who felt heavy in ourselves during wintertime, to set out on a new path. A path of renewed goals and aspirations, fresh practices that nourish us, and new support systems that will encourage our continued growth. 

This transformation doesn’t come without some growing pains. All change requires us to actually put into action the new way of being. This means we have to really pay attention to the choices we are making and set clear boundaries for ourselves in the pursuit of our ambitions. It’s absolutely possible to make lasting changes, and we must approach this process with realistic expectations. Being attached to a specific outcome and leaving no room for mistakes isn’t fair to our journey. Setting ourselves up to fail invites anxiety. 

Anxiety is a signal. Like all of our emotional states and feelings, anxiety has a message for us. Anxiety is asking for more clarity and more spaciousness to engage with whatever is coming up. Spring is a great time for spaciousness. As we witness the emerging growth around us, we too can create a landscape to support our inner blossoming. This requires tools. 

Shifting out of depression and honoring the signals of anxiety asks for us to seek support. There are a plethora of tools to create the right conditions for your unique growth, and this season is a great time to explore what’s available to you. It is our responsibility to nourish ourselves in the ways that feel aligned with us. Finding someone to hold space for your exploration is a great start. Therapy can be an excellent tool for change as it gives you a consistent opportunity to reflect on what’s working and what isn’t.

How do you discover the tools that support you? Begin with some basic questions that navigate through your nourishment checkpoints. 

What types of movement feel best for my body? How can I move out stagnant energy to feel clear and refreshed? 

What foods bring me energy? How do I feel after I eat? What times of day do I notice I’m low on energy and could use some nourishment?

How much water do I drink everyday? How can I incorporate more water into my daily drinking?

How many hours do I want to sleep every night? Are screens affecting my sleep patterns? Do I have an evening routine that helps me relax and downshift into a resting state?

Who do I have in my life that feels supportive? Where do I go to process my challenges? What activities feel soothing to me?

Written by: Rhiannon DeStefano' for Sage and Sunshine Therapy