Choice is Your Superpower

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Superpowers can be glorified as an otherworldly gift that only a select few can possess. We imagine them through fantasy movies and comic books, given to a hero that is here to save the world from evil. But what if superpowers weren’t so mystical? What if your greatest superpower is one we all have? What if Choice was the most important superpower in existence?

Everyday we are faced with choices. We are given opportunities to decide what is in alignment with our desires. Choices can be incredibly simple. What will I eat today? What will I do today? What time will I go to bed tonight? Everyday inquires with ourselves that actually have a massive impact on our wellbeing. Choices can also be incredibly complex. Do I want to stay in this relationship? Is this career right for me? Am I ready to let go of my addictions? Can I conquer this anxiety?  Deeper questions that ask us to weigh out the potential outcomes and face our attachments.

Choices are how we co create our reality. There are always going to be factors that are out of our control, certain conditions that are imposed upon us through various human constructs. But how do we choose to move with what we have available to us? How can we use our superpower of choice to craft a reality that serves us in the best way possible? Choice is empowering. It is incredibly liberating to know that we each have the power to say yes to what will serve our highest good. It is also sobering to know that the choices we make that don’t serve us are also fully our responsibility.

When we embrace choice as a superpower, we accept responsibility for the life we are living. We realize that every moment is cultivating our reality. This can be scary. No longer can we look outside of ourselves to define who we are. No longer can we blame external circumstances for how we show up in the world. Instead we accept that choice comes from within. We trust that there is a knowing inside of us that will guide our choices. Life then becomes a conversation of integrity. We now hold the key to actualizing our potential through the choices we make on a daily basis. We now understand that the big choices in our lives offer us an opportunity to make drastic changes in how we choose to live.

Choices are commitments. They are declarations that speak volumes to the world around us. Choices are telling. They tell us what we value, how we feel about ourselves, what direction we are headed in, and what we feel in alignment with. Knowing this, what are your choices telling you about you? What choices are you consistently making that are leading you away from who you want to be? What choices have become unconscious patterns of behavior that aren’t serving you? What choices are you proud of?

At Sage & Sunshine Therapy, we are here to guide you through your growth. If you are ready to no longer be held back by anxiety or weighted down with depression, we are ready to assist. You can choose to live a different life. You can choose to find your meaning. After all, choice is your superpower.

Written by: Rhiannon DeStefano for Sage and Sunshine Therapy